Friday, August 27, 2010

BCS Source Code Mass Changes

View Documentation For BCS Source Code Mass Change Utility

This workbench utility allows the user to make global changes to a Delphi 2010 source code application. A keyword pair is stored in a database that identifies original source code values an associated replacement values. Standard data entry techniques may be used to identify the pair values however there are a set to tools available to facilitate usage by employing two text documents with cut and paste technology implemented.

Once your keyword pairs are in place go to the primary options menu and select the “Generate New Copy Of Code” option to begin the update process.

First the user must select the input and destination sub directories. Once this is successfully completed the tool reads the input source code applies all available changes and produces the updated source code in the destination sub directory. Associated batch and resources files are also accommodated with this tool.

Once the outputs desired functionality is verified and valid the newly created source code may placed in any desired location.

While this tool was designed to apply mass changes to Delphi 2010 source application code it's implementation will work with any text file or group of text files!

Then the user selects a input sub directory and an output sub directory. The output sub directory will contain the version reflecting the changes applied by the utility.

To use the workbench tools to populate the change pairs in the database first highlight the desired text in the original document. Invoke the pop up menu and select its option and the information is populated into the next available record in the database. Next in the updated document highlight the replacement text value, invoke the pop up menu and select its option and the replacement text field is populated. If the desired text does not appear simply open up a new line and begin typing. Once the replacement text in entered the highlight it and proceed as normal. No changes to documents used by the workbench are saved!

Update in place feature is available but is not recommended. We recommend applying application changes to location other than the source input location. That way if problems arise you will have a preserved copy of your input source code or document.

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