Sunday, August 3, 2008

Find Links

I have authored numerous video products and tutorials which leverage the capabilities of full motion video and media streams.

In the same vain I have developed media players that are encapsulated in master pages for existing web sites (skins etc.).

There are times when I employ video from You Tube but want to use my own video players and skins.

I have developed an application that browses and finds all the links in a web page. The workbench portion of the web page allows for further surfing and documenting each web page visited.

The importance of this feature is that this datum can then be stored in a DBMS for subsequent use and can also be used as an input vehicle to update repositories serviced by .NET platforms.

If you have ever used the DataList control in the .NET platform 2.0 through 3.5 you already know that it is easier to pass the Title and URL information to the Hyperlink control stored in the DataList template. To build the Title and URL information dynamically is a non trivial task. It is less painful and easier to have those activities performed outside the auspices of the DataList control.

There are unlimited applications for this level of technology. Any activity employing URLs and hyperlinks can be adapted to use this level of solution.


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