Thursday, August 14, 2008

Google Site Map Creator Part One

The Google site map assists the Google spider when it is time to crawl your web site. The first task of the Google Map Creator is to collect the URL’s required for your web site. These URL’s must be unique (not duplicated) so I use a sorted string list collection to store the URL’s. The sorted string list is programmed to ignore duplicate entries and to sort all URL’s in ascending alphabetical sequence.

There are basically two ways to insert the URL’s and that is a single URL at a time and a way to process a file of URL’s.

The scFill procedure creates the sorted string list collection then the information is loaded from a text file. Either the AddOne or LoadFile procedure adds a single URL or adds a file containing URL’s respectively. Finally the scFree procedure stores the sorted unique URL list into a text file for subsequent use.

A couple of other procedures that ease the functional use of the component are populating a list box and populating a memo control that contains the finished site map.


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