Thursday, August 14, 2008

Google Site Map Creator Part One

The Google site map assists the Google spider when it is time to crawl your web site. The first task of the Google Map Creator is to collect the URL’s required for your web site. These URL’s must be unique (not duplicated) so I use a sorted string list collection to store the URL’s. The sorted string list is programmed to ignore duplicate entries and to sort all URL’s in ascending alphabetical sequence.

There are basically two ways to insert the URL’s and that is a single URL at a time and a way to process a file of URL’s.

The scFill procedure creates the sorted string list collection then the information is loaded from a text file. Either the AddOne or LoadFile procedure adds a single URL or adds a file containing URL’s respectively. Finally the scFree procedure stores the sorted unique URL list into a text file for subsequent use.

A couple of other procedures that ease the functional use of the component are populating a list box and populating a memo control that contains the finished site map.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Find Links

I have authored numerous video products and tutorials which leverage the capabilities of full motion video and media streams.

In the same vain I have developed media players that are encapsulated in master pages for existing web sites (skins etc.).

There are times when I employ video from You Tube but want to use my own video players and skins.

I have developed an application that browses and finds all the links in a web page. The workbench portion of the web page allows for further surfing and documenting each web page visited.

The importance of this feature is that this datum can then be stored in a DBMS for subsequent use and can also be used as an input vehicle to update repositories serviced by .NET platforms.

If you have ever used the DataList control in the .NET platform 2.0 through 3.5 you already know that it is easier to pass the Title and URL information to the Hyperlink control stored in the DataList template. To build the Title and URL information dynamically is a non trivial task. It is less painful and easier to have those activities performed outside the auspices of the DataList control.

There are unlimited applications for this level of technology. Any activity employing URLs and hyperlinks can be adapted to use this level of solution.

Turbo Power Orpheus

I employ Turbo Power Orpheus to enhance data entry for numerous applications. Many of the controls are superior to the standard controls and offer the technician an ease of use that is not paralleled.

I strongly recommend installing and using Orpheus in future software development.

In years past I have purchased numerous Turbo Power products and have encouraged employers and contractors to use these software development tools.

These tools fit almost every version of Delphi from version 5 forward.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Access DBMS and .NET

To use Microsoft Access in the .Net environment 2.x and up 3.5 the Access Data Source is normally employed to establish the required data connectivity.

The main reason for usage of the Access DBMS in my particular instance is because my current ISP has restriction on DBMS size for Microsoft SQL Server 200MB maximum capacity.

Microsoft Access total capacity is limited only by the amount of available web site disk space.

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